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English 1A, Weekly Discussion. Reply four of others talk | Online Homework Aiders
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Writing Requirement

thoughtful and detailed,

be sure to keep working on wordiness, strong vocabulary, and comma usage,

use correct MLA format for book titles, italics only,

For four reflection, write one paragraph for each reflection, there are four reflection in total

1. Each post MUST BE three or more sentences. This includes your posts in response to other student posts.

2. Each post must be detailed. It is not enough to simply write, “I agree with you” or “I like your idea.” You must say WHY you agree or like someone’s ideas.

3. Write in complete, standard English sentences. Do not “text.” Poorly written posts will not be considered for a grade.

4. If you disagree with someone’s post, politely do so. Explain why you disagree with facts and details.

5. If you agree with someone, build on the ideas.

6. You can reply to someone who had replied to your original post; this will count as another of your required postings for the assignment.

7. Be kind, respectful, and curious toward other students.

8. The instructor reserves the right to delete any post that is offensive, intolerant, or not sufficiently academic for a college-level course.

This is the Link that they are talking about: https://www.bustle.com/p/21-social-justice-documentaries-on-netflix-to-watch-36378

Please reapply these four reflection:

1. Jagoda Przadka :

“Being interested in the food system encouraged me to choose “Food, Inc.” as my assignment. The movie focuses on farming and producing the outgrowth, as well as treating the animals. The documentary shows the reality and the origin of products seen in stores. It provides a lesson about political impact, money, and functioning system. Shows the dark side, alongside with advantages of buying local and organic food. Therefore, understanding the import of the main significance might help to avoid diseases and upcoming challenges. According to researchers, the demand for community-based, organic, non-GMO goods is growing and people appear to understand the value of their health. Hippocrates advised, “Let food be the medicine, and let medicine be the food.” Most of today’s medicines are sold to cure modern diseases provoked by unhealthy eating. Interestingly, the diseases arose along with engineering and implementing advanced science and technology to deliver low-cost food. With this in mind, I recommend watching this documentary with the purpose to educate yourself, learning about lurking danger and avoiding it.”

Here is a example:

“Hi Jagoda,

Your introduction sentence caught my attention because I love food as well. I am happy that this documentary helps you understand the concealment of the food industry so that you could be aware of your eating diet and have a healthy life. I strongly agree with what Hippocrates said, “Let food be the medicine, and let medicine be the food.” If people highly value the importance of healthy eating, they will not face the consequence- diagnosed as a disease. Taking pills and medicine could be unnecessary in our life. Although I didn’t watch this documentary, I do learn a lot about having a healthy eating habit, and I will be aware of the food production and ingredients more. Thanks for your sharing:)”

2. Kevin Chen

“The documentary that I selected for essay #2 was Netflix’s original documentary, the “13th”. This documentary was centered on unfolding the lies hidden in the US prison system and how it has been corrupted ever since the abolishment of slavery. The documentary spans over decades of US history as it weaves a story that tells the viewers how the effects of slavery still haven’t ended. The documentary sheds light on the exploitation of the 13th amendment that supposedly ended slavery, except for when a crime has been committed. The United States has used this clause to imprison decades worth of African Americans and has reaped the profits ever since. I decided to choose this documentary to watch because I felt that the issues presented by the documentary still holds a great deal of value today, and has been a prevalent issue for many decades. Watching the documentary has led me to discover what truly goes on behind bars and the injustice prisoners face. I recommend that everyone should watch this documentary not only to understand the hardships of others but to see the truth beneath all the lies and deceptions the US government hides.

Example: “Hi Kevin,

After reading your post, I’m glad that you chose to watch the documentary 13th. As I’ve managed to watch the trailer in the past, I think that this film is really powerful, infuriating and at times overwhelming. Within the two minutes, I’ve spent watching the trailer, this documentary has challenged my ideas about the intersection of race, justice and mass incarceration in the United States. I’m glad you’ve gained more knowledge from watching this documentary on what truly goes on behind bars. Thank you for recommending this film, I’ll definitely watch it soon. “

3. Jason Tjahjono:

“I watched The Ivory Game for my documentary selection. This two-hour-long documentary features a team of conservationists attempting to arrest the leader of an interconnected elephant-poaching, ivory-selling gang. The film explains that the number of African elephants plummeted in the last decade. This is due to the huge ivory market in China and Hong Kong, which leads to illegal elephant poaching in African countries. Worse, elephant poachers wish for elephant extinction – the fewer elephants there are, the more ivory prices rise. Growing up, these magnificent beasts, the largest terrestrial mammals on Earth, with strong tusks and kind hearts, fascinated me. Furthermore, these humongous creatures form complex social structures and bonds; they even commemorate their deceased fellow by gathering their bones and visiting their death site. The title of this documentary caught my eye. While it intrigued me, I knew it was going to feature elephant slaughters. Throughout the movie, I was overwhelmed with emotions: awed by the breath-taking shots of the African landscape, heartbroken when seeing the elephant carcasses, and strained when the team went undercover to investigate the illegal dealers. As a matter of fact, I teared up multiple times during the movie. This wonderful cinematic masterpiece brings viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Everyone, especially animal lovers and conservationists, should watch it.”


“Hello Kevin, thank you for your response.

In the documentary, the conservationists argued that the war between these defenseless giants are no match against the poachers. Furthermore, there is nothing they can do to stop the poachers, as the African plains are too vast to patrol. Illegal poaching is due to the high ivory demand in China and Hong Kong. In the documentary, the only possible solution to stop it is for the Chinese government to ban ivory market. I absolutely recommend you to watch this movie if you’re interested about elephant conservation.”

4. Yu Tsen Lin:

“I choose to watch Race to Nowhere for this assignment. Nowadays, the reason for learning and studying becomes complicated since students’ motivation is not only about obtaining knowledge, but it is also about getting into a prestigious college and having a high-paid job in the future. Therefore, their pressure to perform well in various aspects is greater than before. The documentary, Race To Nowhere, completely demonstrates the universal situation that students strive to achieve 4.0, and meanwhile participate in various extracurricular activities to be accepted by a reputable college. Vicki Abeles, who is the filmmaker of the documentary, saw how the State’s flawed education system negatively influences students’ physical and mental health. She discovered that unbearable stress takes over the lives of adolescents. As a result, she made this film to reveal the fallacy of the current education system. I choose this documentary because those scenes are related to my life accordingly; my learning experience resonates with this documentary. Namely, this film is the image of my previous daily life. There was a time that I almost forgot the passion and happiness of learning; however, I’m lucky that my parents do not force me to study so that I am not anxious about learning, and I can persistent in pursuing further education without pressure. Although the documentary raises my awareness of this issue, it still needs more people to pay attention to change this education system. An individual’s influence is less powerful than a group of people. Precisely because of this reason, I recommend this documentary for everyone. Watching this thought-provoking film can make you understand the purpose of making this documentary, and it motivates you to do something for it. For the sake of future generations, we must recreate our education system, and brings a healthy, carefree childhood back for every child.”


“Hi Yu,

Thank you for sharing your reflection on Race to Nowhere. This film was also on my list to watch, but I happened to chose another one. After reading your summary, it has made me interested to watch this whenever I get the time. I agree with all the points you have made. There is so much pressure thrown on kids to perform well and be this ” perfect student”. This most certainly takes aways there passion and happiness of learning, it’s like taking away a whole childhood from them. I like how you mentioned that you can relate to this documentary because I can also relate this to myself. I also agree that we must recreate our education system because every child deserves a healthy, carefree childhood.”

If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.

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